Thursday, September 12, 2013

Winchester Mystery House

To say that the Winchester Mystery House is a ‘house’ is an is a maze constructed over a long period of time based on advice given by spiritualists. THAT is what makes this house an incredibly interesting site...the mystery behind baffling reason why construction on the house never ceased and why you need to stick to your tour guide when exploring this beautiful mansion that one Mrs. Winchester once lived in.
Ringing of Victorian craftsmanship, every corner of the house seems to bring about questions. There are odd designs to the house that you wished Mrs. Winchester could answer you today. For example, why would there be a staircase that went downwards for merely seven steps and then rise eleven steps thereafter. There are mysterious hallways with secret pathways in between. Some designers and historians can only come to the conclusion that it was Mrs. Winchester’s way of moving quickly between one section of the house to another...well, because the house in itself is an incredibly huge maze.
Sarah Winchester, suffering from arthritis in her later years, have more reasons than one to continue building the house. You see, having been raised in a very rich and eloquent home, she married William Wirt Winchester in 1866 and they were happily married till they had an infant daughter. The infant did not survive a childhood disease and this threw the couple, Mrs. Winchester in particular, into depression. And later on, Mr. Winchester suffered from Tuberculosis and left Sarah Winchester a widow. As some of you bus charter CA tourists might have concluded by now, it was a massive blow to the woman.
These two events sent Mrs. Winchester to a spiritualist who told her that she was haunted by spirits that did not want to leave her because they were killed by rifles that the Winchester family made, designed and sold. She was advised by the spiritualist to move westward, find a home and never stop working on it.
The construction on the beautiful Victorian house is exceptionally beautiful but bizarre because after all, Mrs. Winchester spent more than thirty eight years designing, building and rebuilding the home. After all, she had all the money and time in the world to do it. From the construction point of view, there is absolutely no master plan for the house when the widow bought the original farmhouse.
The confusing hallways was said to have been designed to confuse spirits that were following her. It was believed that there used to be more than five hundred to six hundred different rooms in the massive home but because they were torn down and remodelled over time, there are now one hundred and sixty rooms left.
So, if you are ever here in California, be sure to take the bus charter CA vehicle for a quick visit at the bizarre Winchester home.

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