Friday, November 1, 2013

Tune In To Nature with California Woods

Looking for inspiration or perhaps a place to hike but having trouble finding a good place that will help pump you up without giving you a headache trying to locate? Then we think the place that you might be looking for is California woods. Simply called, California Woods consists of one hundred and thirteen acres of tranquil forest environment where hikers and bikers often head to whenever they needed to destress. It is one of California’s natural preserve and is often a hot favorite with nature lovers who are looking for a place during their bus charter CA trip. So, if you are interested, just ask the CA charter bus driver to bring you out to 5400 Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati OH.
What you are going to see at California Woods is over fifty different species of trees and two hundred other species of plants. Bring the young kids along during your visit although they may not be up for the hiking, they will have a splendid time learning more about kingfishers, turtles, a myriad of small fishes and birds. Because it is a natural preserve, no other house animals are allowed....which means no dogs are allowed. The reasoning is simple and logical, dogs have a tendency to disrupt the natural habitat of this small animals that the preserve is aiming to protect.
All year round, this famous charter bus CA nature center offer children and teenage training programs which helps the younger generation understand more about the world that we live in. The hiking trail consists also of a specifically designated area for birds, feel free to explore and learn more about these amazingly beautiful creatures during your charter bus CA trips. The educators are often planning programs to offer to kids, do check their website out for more information about their programs and schedules.
California Woods also have facilities that can be used as charter bus CA event venues for instance the Grand Pavilion, Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park Pavilion, Maple Ridge Lodge, Oak RIdge LOdge, Krohn Conservatory and The Gibson Home. These public event venues are suitable for large family gatherings, wedding reception venue or corporate functions too. If you are looking for such a place for a charter bus CA event, get in touch with Premier Park Events to reserve a place, they can be reached at 513-537-2604.
Although it is consistently changing, some of the park’s regular programs includes Crispy and Crunchy, Grand Tour Hike, Happy Talks to You, A Pioneer Experience for Homeschools, The Secret Life of Stars Planetarium Show, Camp Fire on the Bluff and Balluminaria.
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