Monday, April 21, 2014

Learn All About Surfing at Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

Unlike many parts of the country, there is an acknowledged fact that the people of Santa Barbara and other beach communities consider their lives as a part of the sea. Life is carefree, laid-back. Life is about surfing and making a, maybe even a spiritual, connection with beach life and the sea. In fact, you don’t have to like surfing in order to understand the culture. Many of our California charter bus rentalcustomers would make trips out to the beach to watch people surf.
So, when you are here in California and happen to be around in Santa Barbara, here are a couple of things you ought to check out. It’s time to check out for yourself what life is like in The American Riviera.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Salton Sea

Located on the San Andreas Fault, the Salton Sea is not exactly a sea but in actual fact a shallow, saline, endorheic rift lake that occupies the lowest parts of the Salton Sink in Southern California. The Salton Sea is situated below sea level and its water is fed by New, Whitewater and Alamo rivers, on top of the agricultural runoff, drainage systems and creeks nearby.
Although the Salton Sea area is now primarily agricultural, charter bus visitors still visit this interesting place for boatingfishing, and some unique sights only found at the Salton Sea area.
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Attractions in Southern California

Since California does not offer a winter wonderland experience with cold weather and snow, there are still many things that California can offer to charter bus visitors that visit during the Christmas season. You can choose to enjoy these lovely events with your family, friends or even that special someone, and enjoy the magical moments Christmas has to offer.

Winter Wonderland in Sunny California

Still want to experience the winter wonderland anyway? Well, you can do so at Chill Ice Kingdom at the Queen Mary. Chill Ice Kingdom is actually a dome that is located right next to Queen Mary. At this ice kingdom, coach bus visitors can enjoy a myriad of beautifully carved ice sculptures and even a 24 foot replica of Queen Mary made entirely from ice! You can enjoy ice slides, as well as a walk through the magnificent ice castle, or you can head outside for some ice skating and tubing instead. A word of advice: bring along some warm clothing since it is about 7 degrees inside the ice kingdom.
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Tune In To Nature with California Woods

Looking for inspiration or perhaps a place to hike but having trouble finding a good place that will help pump you up without giving you a headache trying to locate? Then we think the place that you might be looking for is California woods. Simply called, California Woods consists of one hundred and thirteen acres of tranquil forest environment where hikers and bikers often head to whenever they needed to destress. It is one of California’s natural preserve and is often a hot favorite with nature lovers who are looking for a place during their bus charter CA trip. So, if you are interested, just ask the CA charter bus driver to bring you out to 5400 Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati OH.
What you are going to see at California Woods is over fifty different species of trees and two hundred other species of plants. Bring the young kids along during your visit although they may not be up for the hiking, they will have a splendid time learning more about kingfishers, turtles, a myriad of small fishes and birds. Because it is a natural preserve, no other house animals are allowed....which means no dogs are allowed. The reasoning is simple and logical, dogs have a tendency to disrupt the natural habitat of this small animals that the preserve is aiming to protect.
All year round, this famous charter bus CA nature center offer children and teenage training programs which helps the younger generation understand more about the world that we live in. The hiking trail consists also of a specifically designated area for birds, feel free to explore and learn more about these amazingly beautiful creatures during your charter bus CA trips. The educators are often planning programs to offer to kids, do check their website out for more information about their programs and schedules.
California Woods also have facilities that can be used as charter bus CA event venues for instance the Grand Pavilion, Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park Pavilion, Maple Ridge Lodge, Oak RIdge LOdge, Krohn Conservatory and The Gibson Home. These public event venues are suitable for large family gatherings, wedding reception venue or corporate functions too. If you are looking for such a place for a charter bus CA event, get in touch with Premier Park Events to reserve a place, they can be reached at 513-537-2604.
Although it is consistently changing, some of the park’s regular programs includes Crispy and Crunchy, Grand Tour Hike, Happy Talks to You, A Pioneer Experience for Homeschools, The Secret Life of Stars Planetarium Show, Camp Fire on the Bluff and Balluminaria.
In the meantime, please get in touch with Bus Charter CA for a reliable and affordable charter bus, shuttle bus, mini bus or school bus if you need ground transportation for your event.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Winchester Mystery House

To say that the Winchester Mystery House is a ‘house’ is an is a maze constructed over a long period of time based on advice given by spiritualists. THAT is what makes this house an incredibly interesting site...the mystery behind baffling reason why construction on the house never ceased and why you need to stick to your tour guide when exploring this beautiful mansion that one Mrs. Winchester once lived in.
Ringing of Victorian craftsmanship, every corner of the house seems to bring about questions. There are odd designs to the house that you wished Mrs. Winchester could answer you today. For example, why would there be a staircase that went downwards for merely seven steps and then rise eleven steps thereafter. There are mysterious hallways with secret pathways in between. Some designers and historians can only come to the conclusion that it was Mrs. Winchester’s way of moving quickly between one section of the house to another...well, because the house in itself is an incredibly huge maze.
Sarah Winchester, suffering from arthritis in her later years, have more reasons than one to continue building the house. You see, having been raised in a very rich and eloquent home, she married William Wirt Winchester in 1866 and they were happily married till they had an infant daughter. The infant did not survive a childhood disease and this threw the couple, Mrs. Winchester in particular, into depression. And later on, Mr. Winchester suffered from Tuberculosis and left Sarah Winchester a widow. As some of you bus charter CA tourists might have concluded by now, it was a massive blow to the woman.
These two events sent Mrs. Winchester to a spiritualist who told her that she was haunted by spirits that did not want to leave her because they were killed by rifles that the Winchester family made, designed and sold. She was advised by the spiritualist to move westward, find a home and never stop working on it.
The construction on the beautiful Victorian house is exceptionally beautiful but bizarre because after all, Mrs. Winchester spent more than thirty eight years designing, building and rebuilding the home. After all, she had all the money and time in the world to do it. From the construction point of view, there is absolutely no master plan for the house when the widow bought the original farmhouse.
The confusing hallways was said to have been designed to confuse spirits that were following her. It was believed that there used to be more than five hundred to six hundred different rooms in the massive home but because they were torn down and remodelled over time, there are now one hundred and sixty rooms left.
So, if you are ever here in California, be sure to take the bus charter CA vehicle for a quick visit at the bizarre Winchester home.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Museum of Flying, California

If you are looking for a perfect day trip for your family minus the hassle of driving, then consider chartering a California bus to the Museum of Flying. The Museum of Flying is a museum with more than thirty different types of aircraft to keep the young children as well as the older ones occupied while having fun at the same time.

The Museum of Flying has gone through many ups and downs as well as the change of name (it was originally named Douglas Museum and Library) – it was temporarily closed in late 2002 due to economic downturn and search for a more suitable and smaller building was conducted within the next few years before the Museum’s Board of Directors finally found the current location in 2008 and after all the discussion and paper works that were needed for the location were completed, the construction for the new museum began in early 2010. Finally, on February 25, 2012, the Museum of Flying celebrated its opening to the public and has since welcomed many visitors to its new location.

As you arrive at the Museum of Flying in the rented CA bus with your family, you can literally feel excitement is in the air. There are some picnic tables nearby and a little restaurant where you can enjoy your lunch and at the same time watch the airplanes take off and land. One of the main attraction at the Museum of Flying is the part of an old FedEx plane nose that has been “renovated” and visitors will even get to go inside just for fun!

Throughout the whole year, CA rental bus passengers will be able to see different exhibits at different times of the year. There is also an education center for children; and they have a T-33 cockpit trainer, a Convair 240 nose, as well as a K-3 mini flight simulator that kids will totally be thrilled with! Recently, they also added a new Maxflight FS300 flight simulator – and it is not just any simulator; it is what they say a “full motion simulator” that enables you to go completely upside down! It also come with a high definition 3D capability and 5-speaker surround sound – now if this isn’t THE most surreal flight simulator, we don’t know what is. By the way, the Museum of Flying also offers its space to hold birthday parties for kids, so be sure to check with them their birthday party packages if you have in mind to thrown one in the future for your own kids.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Barrel Of Fun And Laughter

Any time is always a good time for some good wines with great company. While you gather your wine drinking friends to plan for a trip to the Del Dotto Estate Winery & Caves in St. Helena, don’t forget to include in the planning to also charter a bus for the trip. Chartering a bus in California for your wine tasting trip is the safest and best way to ensure that everyone gets home safely – especially, if everyone intends to drink and none wants to drive after that. After all, driving under the influence of alcohol obviously not advisable be it a charter bus CA wine tasting trip or in another city.

Del Dotto winery is not any common winery that you may have visited in the past. It is a hand-dug cave and winery that appeared in the Napa Valley and is one of the remaining six that still in existence. Start learning about how it began back in 1885 during this charter bus CA tour where Chinese laborers dug a 350 foot wine cave with only picks and shovels as their tools! Then in the year 1997, Dave and Yolando Del Dotto refurbished the original winery and started to age their red wines in the caves – turns out, the taste of the aged red wines in the caves were so much better compared to those that uses modern methods of aging. Because of this discovery, until today, they still choose to age their wines in the caves.

If your CA charter bus driver has always been bringing wine lovers to the Del Dotto winery, we are sure that he will have some very interesting stories to share with you and your drinking buddies as you make your way to the winery. They have two different types of wine tours at their winery and for each of the charter bus CA tour, you will have different wine tasting experience. Del Dotto was one of the earliest winery that offers their visitors wine tasting right out from the wine barrels. This way of wine tasting has since then been offered by other wineries, but Del Dotto winery is said to be still the best.

The Cave Experience & Barrel Tasting tour is where your wine host will choose wines for you to try and at the same time, you and your wine lover friends will also have the opportunity to taste the difference between wines that are produced in the many types of oak barrels. An example of such would be a side by side comparison of a wine aged in French oak with that of is aged in American oak. Not only that – you will also be taken through their candle-lit caves before you exit and enjoy an assortment of cheese and house made salami – specially produced by their chef, Joshua Schwartz. With such a one-of-a-kind type of wine tour and the excellent service of a CA charter bus company, you’ll soon be planning another trip here soon!