Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Barrel Of Fun And Laughter

Any time is always a good time for some good wines with great company. While you gather your wine drinking friends to plan for a trip to the Del Dotto Estate Winery & Caves in St. Helena, don’t forget to include in the planning to also charter a bus for the trip. Chartering a bus in California for your wine tasting trip is the safest and best way to ensure that everyone gets home safely – especially, if everyone intends to drink and none wants to drive after that. After all, driving under the influence of alcohol obviously not advisable be it a charter bus CA wine tasting trip or in another city.

Del Dotto winery is not any common winery that you may have visited in the past. It is a hand-dug cave and winery that appeared in the Napa Valley and is one of the remaining six that still in existence. Start learning about how it began back in 1885 during this charter bus CA tour where Chinese laborers dug a 350 foot wine cave with only picks and shovels as their tools! Then in the year 1997, Dave and Yolando Del Dotto refurbished the original winery and started to age their red wines in the caves – turns out, the taste of the aged red wines in the caves were so much better compared to those that uses modern methods of aging. Because of this discovery, until today, they still choose to age their wines in the caves.

If your CA charter bus driver has always been bringing wine lovers to the Del Dotto winery, we are sure that he will have some very interesting stories to share with you and your drinking buddies as you make your way to the winery. They have two different types of wine tours at their winery and for each of the charter bus CA tour, you will have different wine tasting experience. Del Dotto was one of the earliest winery that offers their visitors wine tasting right out from the wine barrels. This way of wine tasting has since then been offered by other wineries, but Del Dotto winery is said to be still the best.

The Cave Experience & Barrel Tasting tour is where your wine host will choose wines for you to try and at the same time, you and your wine lover friends will also have the opportunity to taste the difference between wines that are produced in the many types of oak barrels. An example of such would be a side by side comparison of a wine aged in French oak with that of is aged in American oak. Not only that – you will also be taken through their candle-lit caves before you exit and enjoy an assortment of cheese and house made salami – specially produced by their chef, Joshua Schwartz. With such a one-of-a-kind type of wine tour and the excellent service of a CA charter bus company, you’ll soon be planning another trip here soon!