Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Attractions in Southern California

Since California does not offer a winter wonderland experience with cold weather and snow, there are still many things that California can offer to charter bus visitors that visit during the Christmas season. You can choose to enjoy these lovely events with your family, friends or even that special someone, and enjoy the magical moments Christmas has to offer.

Winter Wonderland in Sunny California

Still want to experience the winter wonderland anyway? Well, you can do so at Chill Ice Kingdom at the Queen Mary. Chill Ice Kingdom is actually a dome that is located right next to Queen Mary. At this ice kingdom, coach bus visitors can enjoy a myriad of beautifully carved ice sculptures and even a 24 foot replica of Queen Mary made entirely from ice! You can enjoy ice slides, as well as a walk through the magnificent ice castle, or you can head outside for some ice skating and tubing instead. A word of advice: bring along some warm clothing since it is about 7 degrees inside the ice kingdom.
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